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SHAPE NEWS - NATO forces re-entering Takistan - zoog - 02-11-2014 04:04 PM

It looks like General Mohammed Faraklani of CSAT’s 11th Division in Rasman has to reconsider his last statement as Al Jazeera reporter Jevad Rezaian is currently enroute with NATO’s SHAPE 1st Joint Ops QRF Company to an unknown location in the Feruz Abad province in Takistan. Quick Response Force (QRF) consists of highly motivated, well trained and equipped motorized infantry units. Jevad will be traveling alongside these brave men and report on combat situations and life within 1JOQ.

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As with previously conflicts around the globe, the Takistani conflict seems to be about control of the numerous oil fields. The Feruz Abad province offers 2 large oil fields west and east of the city of Rasman. The Takistan is a country with long and bloody past. It is a country of people who always remember what their origin is and for who the thousand-years-old history is as fresh and important as yesterdays news. They never forget and never forgive.

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In 636, the Takistan kingdom was formed by Muslim tribes, who conquered the whole area of modern Takistan and parts of several surrounding countries. The kingdom prospered till 1219, when the country was overrun by Gengis Khan and his empire and the royal Takistani family was exiled.

After decline of Mongolian empire in 16th century, the Takistan country was divided into multiple provinces controlled by neighboring kingdoms for next 300 years.

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In the 18th century, the descendants of the original dynasty returned from the exile in Istanbul and renewed Kingdom of Takistan. In 1892, Takistan became a formal feudatory of Russian Empire, providing a wild, hostile and scarcely inhabited buffer between Russian territory and British expansion. After the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, the king Abu Khazrad Jaffudi offered the safe haven to Russian „White Guards“. The Kingdom of Takistan, affiliated to the Western world, existed till the coup d’ état in 1988. Ever since Takistan has been in continuous conflict over land, customs and of course over Oil. With the Coalition Forces now in control of the entire region including the oil reserves, NATO is once again forces to make a move.

Jevad Rezaian reporting from southern Takistan.

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